Racecars are the characters that we control.


Racecar selection screen


PC: Use left and right arrow keys to change direction.

Android & iOS: Tap on left and right sides of screen to change direction.


Players have a blue character by default, but it can be changed! Clicking on a rotating gear in main menu will open a menu with racecar, arrow buttons and home button. Arrows can be used to cycle through different racecars. To select one, player should find it and tap the home button. Some of them require checking out KasSanity's social pages to get unlocked. There's a total of 48 characters:

Name Trail Color Image Released
1. Plain 1 Blue Plain1 Beta
2. Plain 2 Pink Plain2 Beta
3. Plain 3 Red Plain3 Beta
4. Plain 4 Purple Plain4 Beta
5. Plain 5 Aqua Plain5 Beta
6. Plain 6 Yellow Plain6 Beta
7. (YouTuber) ArcadeGo Yellow ArcadeGo Beta
8. (YouTuber) Jacksepticeye Green Jacksepticeye Beta
9. (YouTuber) MasterOv Orange MasterOv Beta
10. (YouTuber) Jelly Green Jelly Beta
11. (YouTuber) Markiplier Pink Markiplier Beta
12. (YouTuber) Captain Sparklez Yellow CaptainSparklez Beta
13. (YouTuber) Pewdiepie Aqua Pewdiepie Beta
14. (YouTuber) Guava Juice Lime GuavaJuice Beta
15. (YouTuber) TheDiamondMinecart White TheDiamondMinecart Beta
16. (YouTuber) Kwebbelkop Orange Kwebbelkop Beta
17. (YouTuber) PopularMMOS Light Blue PopularMMOS Beta 2
18. (YouTuber) Bodil40 Lime Bodil40 Beta 2
19. (YouTuber) SQUEEZIE Red SQUEEZIE Beta 2
20. (YouTuber) Slogoman Light Red Slogoman Beta 2
21. (YouTuber) FGTeeV Aqua FGTeeV Beta 2
22. (YouTuber) FavijTV Lime FavijTV Beta 2
23. (YouTuber) Pumba Light Pink Pumba Beta 2
24. (YouTuber) Target Engineer Aqua TargetEngineer Beta 2
25. (YouTuber) Vikkstar123 Blue Vikkstar123 Beta 2
26. (YouTuber) TheGamingBeaver Magenta TheGamingBeaver Beta 2
27. (YouTuber) iHasCupquake Pink IHasCupquake Beta 2
28. (YouTuber) SSundee (Ninety9Lives) Magenta SSundeeNinety9Lives Beta 2
29. Doge Light Sunflower Doge Beta 2
30. Troll White Troll Beta 2
31. Happy Smile White HappySmile Beta 2
32. Nyan Cat Purple NyanCat Beta 2
33. (YouTuber) Phonecats Orange Cream Phonecats Version 1.1
34. (YouTuber) Simmy Yellow Simmy Version 1.1
35. (YouTuber) WillyRex Blue WillyRex Version 1.1
36. (YouTuber) Vegetta777 Purple Vegetta777 Version 1.1
37. (YouTuber) Lex Cream Lex Version 1.1
38. (YouTuber) NDNG - Baturay Red NDNGBaturay Version 1.1
39. (YouTuber) BELGOTURK Red BELGOTURK Version 1.1
40. (YouTuber) ToonFirst Cyan ToonFirst Version 1.1
41. (YouTuber) Jumbo Yellow Jumbo Version 1.1
42. (YouTuber) XAM Celadon XAM Version 1.1
43. (YouTuber) MattShea Purple MattShea Version 1.1
44. (YouTuber) Hero Red Hero Version 1.1
45. (YouTuber) LDShadowLady Bubblegum LDShadowLady Version 1.1
46. (YouTuber) Mafil Extreme Pink MafilExtreme Version 1.1
47. (YouTuber) PUERMAN Cyan PUERMAN Version 1.1
48. (YouTuber) Joey Graceffa Blue JoeyGraceffa Version 1.1


  • Plain 6 racecar can't be unlocked on Steam version due to posting highscore isn't implemented yet.
  • Before Beta 2, TheDiamondMinecart racecar was named TheDiamondMinecraft.
  • In Version 1.0 Hero racecar was replaced with SQUEEZIE. In Version 1.1, it was brought back.
  • In Version 1.1 FavijTV racecar's design was changed from Jake Dog to a one that's similar to Plain 6 but with rainbow colored stripes.
  • In Version 1.1 Troll racecar was changed. Now it looks more similar to the actual image.
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